Best Fishing Apparel: Skwala Carbon Jacket and Skwala Sol Wading Pant

  Once in our lives, we made new determination.Please refer to one year after a vacation in 2021, we vowed to bring back the annual best award in 2022.Know the best hunting equipment and fishing spatula for a year.When you want to read, we will not only fulfill our promise, but we have made this year’s BOTB maximum.In addition to all necessary hardcore hunting and fishing gear, we also added awards for the best hiking equipment, camping equipment, etc.

  Our goal in 2023?Go more.Until then, this was the best choice for our annual innovation and cutting -edge outdoor equipment -definitely the best.

  Swarovs Spope: Swarovski II: jacket: Sitka Wagger turkey vest: Sitka Equinox Vestbest Highlands Vest: Filson Upland Guide Vestbest Hunting Boots: Elk Stalkersbest Blind Blind: Im RIGHTEEOTEOUT

Lightweight access -water -related boots flies Tippet: Scientific fishermen are absolutely the highest fishing clothing: SKWALA carbon jacket and SKWALA SOL SOL WADING PANTS

Best Ho-Foot Boots: TECNICA MAGMA MID GTX WSBEST Travel Bag: Exped Radical 45best UTV: Honda Pioneer 1000-6best Tent: Nemo Switch 2P Tent

Hoyt Carbon RX-7 won our 2022 flagship compound test, which is our best bow and arrow this year.Field & Stream’s hunting editor Will Brantley was impressed by the perfect performance of the updated CAM system and bow.It provides consistent results and has excellent functions to get top -level slots in our tests.

  Brantley said: "Just like the flagship store we won, RX-7 won, because it did nothing wrong in any objective category, and it was the favorite of the crowd in all subjective categories.This is one of the most accurate shooters for testing. For me personally, this is the most accurate, with an average group of less than one inch. "Hoyt’s impressive vibration damping technology makes RX-7 the quieter bow and arrow in the functions will absorb your hands and reduce external factors so that you focus on your goals.

  The entire process of the RX-7’s pull cycle is smooth, equipped with a perfect valley, which can be used for hunting and solid rear walls.It has perfect fit and decorative, light structure and convenient size.These functions combine the continuous shooting performance of the bow, making it the best advantage of the year.- edit

  In the past few years, I often write the word "the fastest Cross bow", so that I worry that people think that I would like to say that I was friendly to Cross.But the fact is that they become faster every year.Now there are two models and 500 FPS markers that are flirting or breaking the 500-FPS, one of which is Tenpoint Nitro 505, which is the best Cross I chose 2022.At present, this is also the fastest Cross ever.

  The bow is almost the same as last year’s steam RS470.It uses an excellent Acuslide to lift/off the system, which is about the quietest and simplest stove system.The reverse limbs and RX8 cam systems are rotated to 404 degrees to get credit at a speed. The setting is only 6.5 inches when rotating.A small number of modern Cross is more compact, but the nitro 505 feels good in hands and has excellent ergonomics.I hunt it from a rock climbing stand and a tight shooting field, both at home.This is also a shooter: I have already taken my test time to 70 yards, but it will still break.At this speed, use a compact low -key BroadHE head to get the best arrow flight.-The is about to be Branteli

  The ideal hunting rifle should be balanced between both hands, providing Yamo’s precision, and weighing lower than ordinary cats.It should also be trimmed and strong.This perfectly describes Nosler Model 21. Model 21 is one of the top five rifles I tested.In the F & S rifle test in 2022, one of the testers described it as "almost flawless rifle".Type 21 barrel is threaded. The movement of the barrel movement is spread in the edge of the McMilon hunter. It is made of carbon fiber. Its shape is very good and it feels slender.In my opinion, its black paint operations are scattered with white spots, making it look at the bottom of the pigeon and chicken house.However, it can be found in many aspects. It is difficult to say that a perfect balance, below 7 pounds of rifles, will always put the bullets after the bullet group enters the child MOA group, which is not gorgeous.After the rifle test, we also carefully studied Nosler Model 21.-Mann (Richard Mann)

  Yes, the cost of this rifle is as high as two rifles, but this is the best. Sometimes, if you want the best, you must pay more.But this gun is worth it, because in my opinion, you did get two rifles with MG Lite.First, this is a competitive/target rifle.Because this gun is very light, you can easily perform weight in wild shooting games such as NRL Hunter, and use heavy high -end optical devices without weight loss.The same weight -more intelligent function, such as folding muzzle, threaded muzzle and ARCA orbit, which makes it very suitable for the hunting season on the mountain.However, in our annual rifle test, an important reason we named MG Lite the best precision rifle in 2022 is because of its degree of binding.Bergara not only saw that they could make the light of the rifle, but also designed a very high rifle with cutting -edge materials.MG Lite is not as fragile as some ultra -light rifles.Each button and lock are firm.Folding stocks are opened and closed. The Triggertech trigger is perfect, and the magnesium chassis is stiff, providing the support required for precise shooting.- Every

  Wilson’s SFX9 is essentially an upgraded version of its EDC X9 pistol.The difference is that SFX9 has a strong framework.We often shoot this pistol in the year F & S pistol test because we like it.Its trigger is very good, the attractions are very suitable for fast defensive work, and the movement is impeccable smoothing loop.At about 450 rounds, we failed.At that time, we realized that since the start of the test, we will not put a drop of guns on a pistol.After a little gun juice, we made another 200 rounds in SFX9.SFX9 is not a cheap pistol, but once you master it in your hands, you will realize why it is the best pistol of the year.-R.

  Benelli 28 -inch version of 3 -inch, No. 28 Super Black Eagle 3.-Measurement.With a 3 -inch whip hair and Hevixii ammunition, 28 can now occupy their identity in duck Bande window.Moreover, you can still use standard 2 -inches of shells and shooting pigeons and quails, which has always been an ideal game of this little drill.

  The gun itself is an inertial Super Black Eagle 3, which is only smaller. It has important functions of SBE 3, such as comfortable inventory, cutting off vibration and recoil, and easy -to -lock bolts that never battery.It also has the easy loading system of Benelli and has new magnetic spring and bolt locks, which is very helpful, because the thin shell may be tricky, especially in the cold.It can provide a 26 -inch or 28 -inch barrel, which weighs less than 6 pounds and has black and several camouflage patterns.-Phel Bourjaily

  There is no doubt that the DS Gen II 5-12×52 from Swarovski is the best new rifle you tested in our annual F & S rifle oscilloscope test.This range is such a new innovation -function includes the internal spacing meter and no turret -we must test it slightly more than other areas.After the range is zero, you don’t have to adjust any adjustment because the range is for you."I have never missed any shots from 188 to 1018 yards, and I never missed any shots," said Philde and Xiliu shooting editor, Richard Mann."You only need to press the laser button, and one of the 30 available lighting lines (you choose the required standard line) appear on the bottom vertical label line. You put it on the target and pull the trigger."-edit

  When it comes to the excitement of the latest eyes, optical manufacturers become very difficult.They cannot come up with a new caliber or add another track.Or make it modular.The dual -tube telescope is almost eye -catching, so all the manufacturers can do is to work hard to achieve perfection.Zeiss took a major step on the new SFL 40.

  With any high -end eyes, you hope that the quality of the image is amazing, and SRL 40 is.You expect first -class weak light performance and excellent ergonomics.Check, check.But the reason for the innovation of SFL 40 is the lack of -scale and weight.By using the ultra -light framework and pioneering design, the thinner lens closer, Zeiss deliver all the above quality on the above, more compact packaging.SFL 40 only needs 22.6 ounces, which is large, smooth focus wheels and beauty, and bright images make glass fun.Moreover, if you are the hunter who spend most of your eyes, it is something to be excited.-Dave hurteau

  A few years ago, Bismuth Shot gradually disappeared, which was sufficient.Flipproof aliptic alloy particles are harmless to any barrel, and their energy contains more energy than steel.Winchester has entered the growing crystal market that has been growing, setting new standards for model performance.Wimple shells have a 12 -inch 3 -inch 3 -inch shells available, which contains a microfin buffer, which can be buffer and reduce the trend of whipping during whipped shooting.Although the other whip and hair load will lose some particles before leaving the gun, Wimple’s shot maintains the truth of the flies.It can be shot in 40 yards and later, because it was seen at Nilo Nilo Farms, Wimetheust last winter.We also shot new ducks with No. 12 and 20 and fired with impressive results.At present, you can shoot them at a speed of 3 inches at a speed of 1350 FPS, or 1 ounce of 1 ounce of 1 ounce, or 1 or 4 rods of 1 or 4 poles of 1, 1, 1 or 4.1450 shooting, but I ‘D bet, there are more products in the store.–P.B.

  With the new CX bullet, Hornady brought its clothing and ammunition line to the 21st century.This new bullet is made of a single piece and made of copper alloy.You can say that Hornady occupies the best aspects of their most trusted bullets (GMX and ELD-X), and combines them together to provide high-performance and extended large bullets.

  Like GMX, the single metal structure of CX ensures almost 95 % or better reservations, deep penetration and bullet discomfort, and more than 1.75 times the original diameter of the original diameter.This means wide wounds and deep penetration.In order to reduce copper dirt, Hornady also optimized the geometric shape of the grooves of the bullet and provided help for the flying of the bullet. They added the tip of the heat insulation cover used on the ELD-X bullet.This technique provides a consistent ballistic coefficient during the flight, which improves accuracy and reduces changes from shooting to shooting.

  The CX bullet is installed in the Outfitter series of Hornady, of which large game ink boxes are from. 243 Winchester to 375 H & H.They can also be provided as re -loading components.During our test of the new 6.5 Creedmoor’s load, the 120 CX bullets penetrated 26.5 inches, the weight was 119, and the amount was opened in diameter.-R.

  Norma is recognized and respected as a manufacturer who is a Premier Centerfire rifle ammunition. It has designed one of the best small games. 22 long rifle loads.With zinc -plated bullets, only 24.7 capsules are weighing. This load is quickly foaming, and the muzzle speed of the advertisement exceeds 1700 FPS.This expenditure not only flattes the trajectory, but also is equivalent to the energy of 150 feet of pounds of the muzzle.

  This 100 % lead -free bullet is a bit different from the traditional RIMFire hollow bullet.Its design makes the nose of the bullet fragments immediately after the impact.This will create an evil wound in the depth of the important organs of small gaming animals.However, the bottom of the bullet remains complete and can be as deep as the feet.This terminal performance will be applied to small animals and coyers like trees pine.The brass box developed by a single gun and bolt rifle is nickel -plated to resist corrosion and improve eating and extraction.-R.

  Any new knife in Helle can get the best award before winning the best award, because you know what you want to get with this Norwegian company.For beginners, you will get a strong, corrosive blade. The blade is made of unique craftsmanship, involving the exclusive high -carbon steel between the 18/8 stainless steel layer.It will become sharp and easy to maintain this way.You can also get a gorgeous handle, most likely to be made of curly birch, and uses hand shape and completion.The most important thing is that you will get impeccable quality and craftsmanship.

  Usually, the new Helle knife is new, usually its shape and size.But this is why the new NIPA stands out.A lock folder with a size of 6.5 inches and a 3.7 inches closed. It is the ideal shape and size of the deer knife.The blade time is less than 3 inches, which is enough to deal with any deer.It only takes a 4 -inch handle to be long enough, and you can use four fingers and all controls that can provide you.And the outline of the decrease point is exactly suitable for on -site trivial matters.Just like every Helle I have used, this simple, very powerful, elegant and perfect function.In other words, if you get NIPA, you will get a perfect form and functional marriage, you can see and continue your life.—D.H.

  Many best winners have high prices.But it is not a Defender Pro Scout Max.This is one of the most affordable winners, and its performance is equally impressive.It won the best value award in the best honeycomb orbital camera test in 2022. The camera provides sharp and clear images of trigger speed comparable to other high -end cams during the day and daytime."Field Field & Stream Trail Cam) said:" Because of its reliability, the brown cam is only the best cam in the business. If I want to run a string of wireless cams, I will buy a bunch of DefenderPro Scouts. "Expert, Scott Bestul.In short: This is a bulletproof cam for a very affordable price.- edit

  There is no doubt that the Sitka environment jacket is the best jacket we tested in 2022.During the cold weather hunting, it is an ideal choice for the middle level, but it can also be served well in the cold morning.I wore a week directly in the elk hunting of the Rocky Mountains, and rarely added a layer on it.I have experienced the temperature from the 1970s.The environment is the reason why I keep comfortable.It is very durable and packaged -for remote hunting for remote areas that must be powerful.

  I was shocked by the environment that kept warmth because it was so light -18 ounces.Positive insulation materials keep you warm enough when standing or glass, but you can still breathe when you move.In addition, the elastic structure is hiking, and the bow and arrow may not limit you when you move.

  Sitka has the surrounding environment in each of its patterns, including solid colors.I like this jacket very much, so that I picked up the second jacket in the swamp pattern to hunt in water poultry.-Ryan Chelius (Ryan Chelius)

  I hate turkey vests.They are so soft and clumsy -this fact is not surprising, because most people are designed as the first organizer and the second clothing.I mean, who wants to wear an organizer?So far, my answer has not been worn.But Sitka proposed a better solution.They only designed the spring equal vest as clothing first, then designed it to the second, and then the concept of Turkish fare is from the inside out.The result is a vest, not a soft disk and smooth, but awkward.As you expect Sitka, its design is also very smart, only the features you want, without the features you don’t want.The side room has enough space to accommodate other items and calls, including a special waterproof pocket for boxes and pot calls, and has a silent magnetic closed.The back is a compatible water -fitting and compatible daily backpack, with a comfortable foam pad, a adjustable belt, can fit and fit, and buckle the hair with additional gears.The vest itself is made of hard 75 powder weaving fabrics. It has waterproof effect, but very lightweight.The most important thing is that even in movement, it is very comfortable to wear all day.After nearly 40 years of Hunting, I gave up looking for the turkey vest I like, and now it is here.—D.H.

  This summer, Filson launched a brand new banner of hunting vests, which is great.The Filson Upland guide vest combines lightweight structure with sufficient storage space.The company said it was built to invest several miles on a steep terrain, which was done when I hunting Canadian quail this fall.

  It is based on advertising.The suspension system puts most of the packaging on your hips so that I almost forgot it there when hunting.When installing the gun quickly, the thin shoulder strap will not hinder it.The design of minimalism means that you can keep cool in early hunting and walk in cold winter without problems.

  The vest has a large amount of storage options, including two shell pockets, each pocket is suitable for a complete box, and then some.In addition, many zipper pockets allow you to ensure the safety of other necessities.There are two specified bottles and a place for moisturizing bladder -so you and your dog can keep moisture.Moreover, of course, a lined back bag has enough space to accommodate the restrictions of birds.-Marshall (Marshall)

  The rock elk is different from many of today’s leather boots, because they are built well in the United States and do not spend money.My only question about them is the name.In the elk country, I prefer stiff hiking boots, and I am tighter than tight -fitting corset.However, in the place where the elk department is not enough, they are not enough to make up in the tracking department.They have a soft and broken feeling, making them very suitable for crawling in Duff.However, they are still enough to avoid the cold and humid pain in the hunting season.Each hunter needs a pair of comfort, and warm boots can be worn on the back of 40, and the elk entangle was the best for me for a while.-I.

  Send me this blind person on the right side of the right side of the test before the hunting season.When it arrived, I threw it into a messy truck, and it sat there until I found the ideal place.I put it in a suffocating place, and there were two fields next to our property where we met. A deer opened from there that afternoon.Since then -Rain, snow and some very annoying winds.Immediately, I like blind people and it is easy to set.There are many woven straps on it, which can be brushed in -if you want to be blind on the same day and hunt, this is important.I am very grateful to how to have silent hooks and bungee jumping.Like some ground shutters today, it has a mobile mesh window.However, what makes it unique is the internal camouflage printing.I like it because I can wearing conventional hunting jackets into the blind people without having to wear black.Hydeout has a GORE OPTIFADE SUBALPINE and Cimber Camo, so it can match your shirts, jackets, pants, necks, trucks, trucks, beer Koozies and underwear, if you like this kind of thing.-I.

  Every year, there is a new 5 weight rod, so powerful and response, you will think that you will no longer touch the bank’s catfish.And there is a kind of light and lively, with such feeling and control, which seems to be the extension of your pointer fingers.But this is by no means the same rod.However, this year is the core of the new Sage R8.From long bomb to rolling castings, to precise repair, from stem flies to nymphs and traditional ribbons, R8 can do all this, and they are well done.Few fly rods are as accurate for a long time in a short distance, but R8 is only 2 11/16 ounces. It can be easily cast all day without worrying about your table rupture.Over the years, I have dared to be sure that I have met some multifunctional as R8, but I have never seen someone who has done a good job.This is the best all -round catfish stick I let go.—D.H.

  I will be the first to admit that the flying tray is not the most important component on the catfish rig.In fact, this may be the most important -the third place after the rod and the line -because at the end of the day, its main function is as a line holder.However, this kind of knowledge does not make me not want to fix the flying scroll on the catfish drill.The epic wild scroll is the best new flying disk I caught in large ARBOR scales are made of cold -fired 6061 -T6 aluminum (in other words -difficult), and have a sealed ceramic resistance, which means that the 7/8 model is suitable for fresh and salt water fishing.As you see in the photo, remote areas are a shocking person.The scroll has a lower satin. According to the epic, "as long as it is black, any color can be used." -Colin Kearns

  If you want to prove that you don’t need to spend money to buy large freshwater scrolls, then omnipotent.The free swimmer of ICAST 2022 uses an impressive automatic championship resistance (ATD) system that reduces initial resistance to start. At the same time, once engagement is engaged, while maintaining stability and consistency.This affordable scroll also uses DIGIGEAR Technology, which is part of the Diawa manufacturing process. This process can cut the gears to create the perfect grid of the main gear and small gear gears.These functions make this scroll higher than its weight in water performance.

  The new design of free swimmers includes ultra -light machine processing handles and larger gear tooth to improve the life of the gear system.Diawa found a method that increased durability, reducing weight, and affordable fishermen.So, how does it express?The balance of the scroll on most freshwater rods is very good, and the weight reduction is a good reward.The lines are smoothly falling off the scroll. When you really grasp the ATD resistance perfectly, keep it perfectly, keeping the continuous pressure on the fish.Spend $ 200, you will not find a better all -round freshwater scroll.–R.c.

  I like everything about this pole.From the flashy light blue to its kicking on the land.The new carbon offshore stick of the ugly stick is the favorite Houwan pole I have used.This 100 % carbon single -piece blank is specifically produced for red fish, SNOOK, SNOOK, SEE TROUT, striped bass, Flounder and the offshore fishing fishermen of any other fish found in the near -shore waters.

  You will find two handles on the grip: the cork handle on the front clip, with comfort and feeling, and the rubber contraction pipe grip on the back to improve durability and control.The long handle on the back can bring you leverage and control during fishing.In addition, when bombing the casting, it helps get an extra feet.

  The best part is that you only need to take out a Benjamin to pick up the carbon smoke.This affordable rod has two different lengths: 6 feet 6 inches and 7 feet -and three different forces.The stainless steel guide increases the life of the pole, and the structure makes it the main force of the Houwan.–R.c.

  Salt can eat fishing rolls alive.It is extremely corrosive and can rust before you have the opportunity to clean the device.I know this from my personal experience, so I have been reluctant to invest in high -quality saline rotation scroll until now.

  Pennsylvania’s administrative bureau is one of the most stable and sophisticated salt water fishing scrolls I have used.When you see the price label, you may feel jealous, but if you are serious about salt water, it is worth investing.This summer, I first obtained the permissions of Pennsylvania, and left me a deep impression from the place where I opened the box.It is very light. I like a large knob to roll up easily.When I found that it could be immersed in 1 meter and 30 minutes, I was sold without water invasion.

  Surf fishers should pay special attention to the authorities; crashing waves, sand and rocks are no longer so important.This scroll is made of stainless steel gear and small gear gears -very durable.The size of the Authority is 2500–10500, with 12+1 bearings.Therefore, no matter what salt you are pursuing, there is something suitable for you.–R.c.

  On -site claws are the most realistic hard wine I have ever seen.CRAW is made of extremely durable plastic, with details of life, and built around the corrosive 2X hooks.Soft plastic attachments are made of TPE plastic, which can enhance the realism and movement of bait.This thing looks the same as the living dragon fish in the water.

  Real -time claws are also allowed to customize three different weights attached to the bait.This allows you to control the speed of falling. When the bait hit the bottom, Craw is sitting in the defensive position, just like a living crayfish.Similarly, the realism of this bait is why I like it so much.

  You can swim, convulsions or fixtures, but the speed of dripping is indeed biting.My favorite function is claws, legs and tentacles.These durable soft plastic attached to distinguish this bait from other bait.Every time you catch traditional soft plastic claws, you don’t need to capture fish every time.This bait aims to capture fish after picking up fish at a price of $ 16 in the market this winter to capture fish.–R.c.

  Twenty years ago, SIMMS completely changed flying fishing and wading when the company released its new G3 Guide Wader.They changed the game again in 2008. At that time, they upgraded G3 with patented seams to create hinged legs and upgraded G3 again in 2014. In 2018, they further improved.Just as you think that Simms improves the flagship wading, you can have forgiven, and they released the forefront iteration of G3 in 2022.They are the best flying fishing vessels that I have worn in my life.

  There are many adjustments to the new G3, but the most impressive thing is that the new four-layer GORE-TEX layer pressure plate in the lower part of the waters can increase the breathability of 33 %, and the durability is as high as 84 %.I wore G3 hell all year round, and I didn’t even feel the slightest leak.As for the right feeling, the sports pants I have are not as comfortable as new G3.These are the waders you can wear (that is, fish in) all day, without any discomfort.

  Understanding SIMMS, they may have made new modifications for the G3 waders, and they will unveil them within a few years.Before that, you must forgive me because there is no pair of fine waders.—C.K.

  This is a package of wading categories, because Simms also won our best award for the best award for the best wading boots this year through its new lightweight access boots.When I involved the "problem" of any water -related boots on the sole, I always doubt it (the place where I fish is illegal).I just never found a pair of ski rocks on my home river, without having to nail each sole with a dozen shoe.However, after I started (or the feet on my feet), I immediately corrected a pair of the latest.

  Because I used exclusively to Simms Vibram Idrogrip Flex Outso, this is the firm rubber -type wading boot I have worn.According to the company, compared with you found on other wading boots, the outsole has softer rubber compounds, so it is softer.I can’t say that I still won’t be occasionally slipped or dropped by these boots, but is it more confident in wading than any other tried without any non -slip nails.

  Faithful to their names, light -fitting boots are very light and weighs less than 3 pounds.But the lack of rate does not lead to lack of support or durability.As for comfort?Wearing these boots is like fishing in the air.—C.K.

  On the day I read, the scientific fishermen won the best performance award on this year’s international flight trade dealer program (essentially the lens performance of flying fishing equipment). Their new carbon fluoride compound Tippet, absolute catfish Supreme,It happened that the day I realized the 6x tip of the 6x tip of the flying vest on the day I realized.Therefore, I decided to try SA.

  I now have the obligation to solve this problem now: This tip is very expensive.I spent 30 million line axis costs 30 US dollars.It turns out that I was impressed, so that when I went home from the water test of the absolute catfish supreme for the first time, I also groaned 4 times and 5 times.Because this tip is also very strong.In fact, SA claims that this is the most powerful carbon fluoride that they provide.The absolute catfish supremacy consists of two layers of fluorescent structures: the soft outer layer helps the seat safer, and the intensity of the knot is 33 %, and the firm core makes the toes stretch.The softness of this tip also left a deep impression on me. This will not be harmed when making a more drag -and -drop presentation.The absolute catfish supreme can be used in 0X to 7X, and each is wrapped on the scientific fisherman’s convenient (patent) cutting machine line shaft.—C.K.

  One of the most exciting development of outdoor equipment this year is the arrival of the new fishing trademark company Skwala.(If you want to know, Skwala is a variety of stone flies.) I was lucky to test a few of their collections, and my two favorite is undoubtedly the carbon jacket and SOL involved in pants.EssenceJackets are everything you want: light, flexible, comfortable, durable, breathable, the most important thing is waterproof.It is also easy to pack.When the prediction does not seem to be dependent, I wander in my big backbag in my vest.It is so light (less than 1 pound), and I hardly notice it.

  As for the pants, every time I wear them, I love them more -whether it is a hawker standing on the Tarpeng apartment in the summer or wet WAD’s catfish river.Not only are they durable and comfortable, but they also have 50 UPF sunscreens. The hinged leg seams for unlimited exercise, and they will soon dry.It is as exciting as Skwala’s first appearance this year. I think they just start.Therefore, if you see what they have won the best award in the next few years, please don’t be surprised.—C.K.

  The TECNICA MAGMA S MID GTX WS fast hiking boots are the official first pair of hiking boots, which can effectively prevent all blisters and hot spots, even in extended trek.As light as these boots, they are very durable and effective in various environments.The boots are very comfortable, but if your feet are width, it may fit.In order to truly test, I did not break in to see their performance.After the first hikes, I am convinced of comfort and support.

  The next major test is a canoeing camping, and then a backpack travel through the mountains.Surprisingly, they kept my feet dry when they were decorated, rain shower and through shallow water.They also keep stable and hold the rocks when they are humid.The positive position of the boots is proven to be the highest selling point after using them on the 4th grave terrain of the Kaskat Mountains during the backpack trip.Even after the steep nine miles downhill on the last day, I did not have blisters or returned to the car with hot spots.They are not the most breathable, but they are expected to use waterproof boots.Even if there is no ventilation, these may be the best boots I have tried, which is not exaggerated.Weighing, waterproof, fit and traction control can easily make these preferred 2022.

  Exped Radical 45 is a travel backpack for a leisure weekend. As a leisure weekend, as a fitness bag, for working days, it is used as a portable portable for the next flight.Although it may not have the maximum or most complicated storage room, the simple design makes the well -keeping well and maintain safety during the journey.Because it can be carried as a backpack or luggage bag, you can use this bag in many areas of life to be suitable for real minimalist fashion.The ultra -long zipper luggage style makes it easier for the items to access the items inside the packaging than the traditional backpack opened from the top.

  When wearing is a backpack, leaning on your back can make any traveler feel at ease in a crowded area. The compressed belt on the side can help keep everything compact and approach your body.This is a functional travel bag, which is enough for multi -day travel or as a daily bag.We also like it from recyclable materials. The fabric is free and is certified by Bluesign.- M.C.

  I have put the new Honda Pioneer 1000-6 luxury crew on the downhill, and at a low range, it still stops completely without any brakes.This control and performance will make you confident in any terrain.This 6 -seater UTV has a full -size bed with a 999cc unicam Parallel Twin four -stroke motor and Honda’s amazing dual -clutch gearbox.The DCT transmission means no broken or sliding belt, six front gears, and reversal that can be used in automatic or manual mode.To better, you can get these gear options in high and low range, so that the best mobility mechanism in classes 1000-6.

  With new pioneers, you can also get 2WD, 4WD, garries mode and lock differentials to maximize attraction.The combination of locking differences with the DCT transmission can provide excellent traction control under extreme conditions.The long wheelbase is 115.2 inches, combined with the self -weight rear suspension, which can make you obtain a smooth cycling and reduce the pressure by aggravating the pressure on the wheels, which helps your traction.You can also get a 2,500 -pound traction capacity and 1,000 pound of cargo bed capacity, which means that you can drag the entire deer camp through a trip.-Drake Sigler (Derrek Sigler)

  Nemo Switch Multi-Figuration tent may be one of their most innovative tent designs. It provides you with a convenient packaging and provides you with three asylum.As expected, the asylum is used as a three -seasons tent, but it can also be an independent screen room or sunshine asylum.Regardless of your configuration, tents are very easy to set and even camping alone.Although a vestibular is larger, there are still two, which is suitable for two people.Sleep settings are a bit comfortable to camping with two average adults, but it can work, especially when the equipment is placed in the vestibular.

  The tent materials and poles are made of durable materials, and are kept in a good state under cold, humid and large wind conditions (when setting).The weight of the tent is at least six pounds, and the weight of all materials is 8 pounds.This tent can soon become a staple food for several outdoor activities.From hunting to car camping to beach day, you will use Nemo Lifetime to use the tent for decades.- M.C.