Skwala Sol Wading Pant

  Skwala’s solid wading pants will do everything possible, so you don’t have to compromise anything.HBI until your favorite alpine lake?When separating the boulder pocket, flow over the current?Skip the cannon Wales and let your friends compete for the greasy running?The casting deck from the Polish platform to the cruise tower cruise waves?These are the only fishing pants on the market, such as high -end hiking pants, which offers a wide spectrum 50 upff sun protection and turns dry when you return to the truck.Primeflex & Trade;, Dot Air & Trade; Micro -hole high -quality fabrics and hinged leg joints combine breathable and unlimited movements, as well as daily durability and life. Each situation, fishing pants.

  The design of the sol wading pants is the size and the size is small.Both pants and shorts have modern legs to enhance comfort and motivation.

  The belt is installed to fix the pants firmly on the hips

  Function 2 zipper thigh pockets, 2 open hip pockets, 1 zipper pocket and a pocket

  Structural modern fitting and advanced pronunciation can provide comfort and enhanced mobility

  Size: 30 ", 32", 34 ", 36", 38 "and 40"

  Color: shadow or tent (the tent is currently in the rest of 2022)





  29-30 inches

  32 "


  31-32 "

  32 "


  33-34 "

  32 "


  35-36 ""

  32 "


  37-38 "

  32 "


  39-40 "

  32 "