Fridays on the Fly: Trout Fishing Heats Up as Delayed Harvest Comes to an End

Friday instant: with the delay of delayed harvest, catfish fishing will be heated

  Tomorrow marks the end of the delayed harvest (DH) season in western North Carolina, the North Carolina State Wildlife Resources Committee (NCWRC) will open 34 Monia streams and supervise two lakes with DH.

  The delayed harvesting flow has diamond -shaped, black and white logo. In North Carolina, the delayed harvest will take effect on September 30, 2017.


  Fishing and release are usually spells supported by fishermen flying in these parts, but the end of the delayed harvest season is a rare opportunity to fill the refrigerator to fill some fruits of fish fishing fishing fish and wild fishing.

  According to David Deaton, director of NCWRC fish production, the staff of the committee has been specified as a delayed harvest of more than 372,000 catfish since last fall.

  Deaton said: "We inventory in March, April, May, and then postponed the rewarding flow again in October and November."

  "In the early summer, when some streams became too warm and could not survive, we opened these inventory streams so that the streams were allowed to harvest before the stream conditions became too warm."

  If these fish stay in the local river and streams, then many fish will succumb to the warm temperature, so why not ensure that they are eventually put on the plate.

  Since last fall, the staff of NCWRC have been stored in more than 372,000 catfish in waters designated as delayed harvests.

  As in the past few years, NCWRC has established a day with only youth, which is in line with the end of the delayed harvest season to promote the catfish fishing between young fishermen and provide special opportunities for young fishermen to fish and catch fish and catch fish. Young alone will be from 6 am from June 3rd to 11:59 am.

  In Virginia, the delayed harvest season ended on May 31, while Georgia and South Carolina State DH Maoya Creek began to re -accept the harvest of regulations around mid -May.